Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Sept 30- EST

20 minute brisk walk, targeted drills.


Did the first interval portion of this month-long fat attack. It goes like this:
Warm up-
60 seconds hard
120 easy
repeat 3 times
recover 5 minutes, then
20 minutes LSD.

The mode used doesn't matter- cycle, run, row, jump rope, chasing damn bears, whatever you like. I chose running because I really enjoy running, especially fast and outdoors. I went over to the local university cross country course, which is well groomed, hilly and secluded.

I think I actually understand the science behind this also. Intervals to get heart/metabolism up, five minute recoup to allow fat to mobilize into the bloodstream, 20 minutes more effort to burn it off. I imagine this is part of the flight or flight mechanism, from back when the damn bears were chasing us. However it works, I enjoyed it.

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