Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday Sept 24- at IFAST

Went back to IFAST for the next installment of wisdom, and was not disappointed. Not by a long shot!

Bill and I reviewed the past month briefly, looking for questions and answers. Then he performed some direct work on my shoulder, which was really helpful. Wish that could happen more often. Then a supervised run-through of the mobility warm up, in which I got corrections on form, further instruction and direction for progression.

We next ran through the exercises I'll be doing in the next month, which happily include both back squats (with a Top Squat) and DB bench pressing. Yeah!

Careful sustained consideration to perfect form and shoulder stabilization at all times remain a mantra.

So the rest of this week wraps up the initial 4-week program, then on to the next. What's it about? Here's a clue-
I've already lost 7 pounds.

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