Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Oct 1- Workout B

Targeted mobility drills


Ball/roller work, mobility warm up.

1a- Incline DB press- warm up, 5X35,40

1b- DB row-warm up 5X35,40

2- RDL(115#) & Side plank w/leg raise
12 reps each for ten minutes- 4 rounds, plus 1 extra RDL

3- Step up(25's) & KB(24K) Swing
12 reps each for ten minutes- 5 rounds.

4- airdyne intervals- 2 minutes warm up
2 minutes hard
2 minutes easy
times 3
2 minutes cool down.

Notes: I'm diggin' this deal. You get strength work, two challenging rounds of alternating exercises, and interval finishers. All in about the same time as a standard workout. I'm doing my diligence here: fat cells beware! It felt good to bench press again too.

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