Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Sept 8- Workout B

Weekend Recap-

Saturday I did nothing except for some easy walking. I was tired and needed just that.
Sunday I did targeted drills and ball/roller warm up, then mowed the yard, an hour and a half of hilly pushing.

On to Monday-


20 minute brisk walk, target mobility drills.


Ball/roller work, mobility warm up.

Front squat-Warm up w/3X bar,95,5X115
1- 5X135,155,170

2a- paused inverted rows- 3X11
2b- paused weighted push ups (15# in backpack) 3X12

3a- Prone I on ball- 2X12
3b- Plank- 2X 10

69 minutes

Heating pad shoulder stretch a.m. & p.m.

Happy with front squat progress, even as the warm up sets blur with the working sets. More!
Stayed up way too late watching the Colts lose lamely to Chicago. I hate the Bears.

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