Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Sept 3- Workout B


20 minute brisk walk, then:
Targeted mobility drills.


Ball/foam roller work, mobility warm up-

Front Squat-
Warm up 3Xbar,75,95
1- 5X115,125,135,155

Alternating set:
2a- Paused inverted row- 10,10,12,10
2b- Paused push up- 10,10,12,10

Alternating set-
3a- Prone I on ball- 2X12
3b- Plank- 2X10

Notes: The Good: Good warm up. Glad to up the weight on front squats, which I like even more and did an extra set just to see if I could. Weight will continue to go up as I better my form and technique.
The Bad: Misread the sets/reps for 2a/b- supposed to be 3X12, so I did an extra make-up set. Duh.
71 minutes with extra sets.

Heating pad shoulder stretch a.m. & p.m., only 10 minutes in a.m.

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