Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monday Sept 1, Labor Day- Workout A


20 minute brisk walk, then:
Targeted mobility stretches.
4 minute Tabata on Aerdyne.


Foam roller/lacrosse ball work, mobility exercises and warm-up.

Alternating set:
1a- Paused DB split squat(321)- 8X60,70,80
1b- DB Row- 12 X 50,50,55

Alternating set:
2a- Paused RDL(221)- 12X115,135,135
2b- Scaption- 12X10,15,15

Side Planks- 2X8 each side, 6 sec reps w/ 1 sec rest

Finished w/ 3X500 meter C-2 rows at 2:00 per.

Notes: Finished at 69 minutes, not including rowing. Added aerdyne tabata and rowing for some extra calorie burn. Added weight to all exercises despite higher reps. Grip tested on RDLs. Limiting factor on split squat seems to be quad on trailing leg, hope that's right.

A.m. & p.m. heating pad shoulder stretch.

Happy Labor Day!

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