Monday, September 29, 2008

Month's recap & Next month's plan

A month ago when I gave some of my background information to Bill & Mike at IFAST, I stated my goals were:

1- Get shoulder healthy.
2- Fat loss.
3- Begin comprehensive program to address weak areas, gain excellent level of conditioning and balanced overall strength.

I feel like I'm well on my way in all of these areas. My shoulder feels a whole lot better, range of mobility is improved, and is also stronger. Plus I now know how to brace them both for proper use, and the stretching and targeted drills are doing plenty of good things. Fat loss is the current emphasis, and progress is happening there already. I'm confident October will see a big difference there too. Overall strength and conditioning have improved as well.

All this in a month's time. Have I said I'm glad I started going to IFAST?

Specific exercise progress:
Start: End:
Split squat- 6X60 8X90
DB row- 8X50 10X65
RDL- 8X115 10X185
Scaption- 8X10 10X20
Front squat-4X115 5X175

I'll be using a program specifically designed for fat loss in this next month, which includes very specific nutrition guidelines. This program was co-written by Alwyn Cosgrove (all bow and kneel) and Mike Roussell, and tailored to my limitations by Bill Hartman. I have high hopes and high confidence in this program. I've been following the nutrition part of it for a week and have already lost 10 pounds, and an inch from my waist. So I feel primed for a wonderful month of wreaking endless torture on my fat cells.

It starts tonight!

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