Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Oct 31- Workout A- trial run


Power wheel roll outs, side planks, targeted drills


Warm up

1- Sumo DL-

DL- 1X275

2a- Chest supported rows
2b Step ups

3a-Upper body step up
3b-Chop lift

Used this as a run through to set things up for the new program. Sumo deadlifting is very different and will take some getting used to. It feels a little strange to lift with arms between the knees instead of outside them, and the hips are in a different position too. So it's a new movement and i wanted to find a groove and know what to expect with some weight. I really want to crank on this by month's end. My bench doesn't work well for the chest supported rows, so I'll need to improvise something. The step ups and upper body step ups I'll do with cinder blocks, which work out to just about the right height.

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