Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Oct 3- Workout C

Had the day off today because I'm working tomorrow, so I did a mid-morning workout. It's rare I'm able to do this but it always goes well when I do.

Ball/roller work, mobility warm up.

1-Paused deads- warm up 5X115,135

2- Push-up & prone jacknife with feet on ball/DB(30's)back lunge & row
6 reps each in rounds for 10 minutes- 7 rounds

3- DB(35's) push up & squat/inverted row with feet elevated
6 reps each in rounds for 10 minutes- 8 rounds

4- Airdyne intervals- 1 minute warm up- 1 minute hard, 2 minutes easy X 6, 2 minutes cool down.

Notes: Another rockin' good time. Increased rounds 2 & 3 by one each over last session. Deads felt great too, a smooth groove after my first coaching on them by Bill at I-FAST last week.

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