Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Travel recap Oct 23-28

Been slacking off here! The trip was good and it is always wonderful to visit family.
But it wasn't very fitness oriented either. Everything moves slowly at a retirement community and the food availability isn't always the best. So I went from an intense fat-burning regimen to a lackadaisical several days. The focus was to visit with loved ones and that was heart warming and wonderful.
Now- back to work!

I did do a little work out the morning I left, a SS of DB bench and DB rows. Other than that, I wasn't able to fit in a workout during the trip. On Monday when I got back I did the same SS, presses and rows. Tuesday night I did some deadlifting, working up to 5X5X225. Then on Wednesday I went back to I-FAST for the next session with Bill Hartman. The new program looks good and I'm set for a good month of progress.

I also have gone for an exam on my shoulder with an Orthopedic Dr, who says I have adhesive capsulitis and prescribed rounds of PT, which I started yesterday. Part of the nature of adhesive capsulitis is that it comes and goes on its own, so this problem may not be self-inflicted as I have thought after all. Between Bill's program and the PT's exercises I have plenty of stretching to do and have high hopes for getting past this as fast as possible.

To restate my goals from my initial contact with I-FAST- get shoulder healthy, get leaner, get stronger. I've made progress with all three, so I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing. I have better mobility and far less pain in my shoulder, I lost 15 pounds with last month's effort, and the bar weights are going up each programming cycle. I'm planning to make strength the focus of November.
Here we go...

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