Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Oct 15- Workout B 2


20 minute walk, Targeted drills, power wheel rollouts, side planks.


Ball/roller work, mobility warm up.

1a- DB incline press- warm up 6X35,40,45

1b- DB rows- warm up, 6X35,40,45

2-RDL(135) & Raised side plank (hold 15 sec, rest 5)
12 RDL/3 planks each side in rounds for 10 minutes- 3 rounds + RDL

3- DB(25'2) Step ups & KB(70#) swings-
12 each in rounds for 10 minutes- 4 rounds

4- Airdyne intervals-
1 minute warm up, then
2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy

Notes: Subbed raised side plank reps for side planks with leg raise because it was killing my hip to do them that way, and these raised ones are a bear. Been pretty fried for several days now(duh) but at some point tonight I really perked up and went at it hard. Feelin' groovy!

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