Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Oct 6- Workout A2

A.M.- 15 minute walk, targeted drills


Ball/roller work, mobility warm up.

1- Front squats- warm up, 5Xbar,96,3X115,1X135

2- RDL(115)(120 last 2 rounds)/Side plank w/leg raise
12 reps of each in rounds for 10 minutes- 4 rounds

3- DB(25's) step ups/KB(70#) swings
12 of each for rounds in 10 minutes- 5 rounds, last 12 swings done after time was up

4- Airdyne intervals-
1 minute warm up,
1 minute hard, 2 easy, X6

Notes: Felt a little bleh getting started, but it got a little easier after the squats. Added a little weight here and there and still upped the rounds. Dude!
Still waiting for my Top Squat to arrive, very eager to back squat again!

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