Sunday, October 5, 2008

A measurable difference

Without a doubt the biggest single change in my training in the past two months has been getting organized and having a specific plan to follow. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the plan I'm now following has been designed by Bill Hartman, a person Alwyn Cosgrove has tabbed "The smartest man in the fitness industry" either. My point is that having a well designed customized program that includes a targeted goal and also the progression needed to reach that goal, (and thus set up the next one) is far better than just 'working out'.

The same goes for the nutrition portion of training and goals. Having a specific amount of food to eat, in specific macros and at specific times makes all the difference when compared to trying to 'eat clean'. Measuring your food, like doing the exact number of exercise reps with perfect form and appropriate loading, will make or break your progress. Leigh Peele has a video that makes this point very well. So now I use measuring cups and got a digital scale, and I use them regularly. Geeky? Maybe, but this way I know what I'm eating is what I'm supposed to be eating, no more and no less. It takes both inaccuracy and momentary gluttonous greed out of the whole affair. You eat what is RX'd, period. Do this each day and watch Mr. Scale become your friend again.

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