Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday Dec 31- Workout A

Ball/Roller work, mobility warm up.

1-Snatch grip rack pull- warm up, 5X135,205,2X225,275,295

2a-DB row-warm up,5X45,70
2b-Back lunge-w-u, 4X35

3a- Side lying ext rotation-8X15,15,15
3b-Planks w/leg raise-12,12/each

Notes: Not too fired up tonight, despite wearing my Ross Training beanie, which usually adds some starch to my efforts. Still, got it done.

Last workout of the year. A great time to reflect on the past 12 months- triumphs, disappointments, great ideas followed through or abandoned, weight gained and lost, weights lifted and weights still on the ground. And time to redesign my goals for the next 12. I've been thinking about that and want to make some positive changes. Life goes on, let's do our best!

Happy New Year!!

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