Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Jan 21- Warp Speed Ahead!

targeted drills, KB circuit

Ball/roller work, warm up

1- Squat- warm up, 10 X bar, 5X195,3X135
6X185, 1X225,6X205,1X255,10X185

2a- RDL-6X185
2b- Plank trio-10 sec plank to 20 sec side to 10 sec plank to other 20 sec side plank
6 rounds in 10 minutes

3a-DB step ups-10 each side w/25's
3b-KB swing- 10 X 70# bell
5 rounds

Airdyne intervals-

60 sec sprint, 120 sec easy X 6

Notes: Holding steady, but feeling it pretty hard. It's the kind of tired that feels real good underneath it.

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