Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Jan 2- Workout B

targeted drills, KB circuit

Ball/roller work, mobility warm up

1- BB Floor press-warm up 10Xbar,100,4X140,2X190

2a- Front squat-warm up, 5Xbar,3X95,1X135
2b-Swiss ball push up-8,8,8,8

3a-Incline prone Y-10X10,10
3b-Side bridge w/leg raise-12,12

Notes: Another good one, though I still say side bridges with leg raise are the penitence of the damned. What have I done to deserve them? }:-( This is the last workout of this program, and next I start a 7-week deadlifting program that Bill generously included. It leaves pressing and squatting schemes to me, but provides a pattern of several deadlifting variations that I'm eager to follow. I will retest my 1RM of Dead, squat and bench soon and go from there, retesting yet again in 7 weeks.

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