Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Jan 19- Big Honkin' Change Of Plans!

Hold the deadlift phone- I changed my mind!

I mentioned enjoying running with my sister in North Carolina a lot, and I kept thinking about that. About the same time there was a half-marathon training group announced at our local running store/club which includes group runs, nutrition/etc lectures and 'free' membership to a local gym from next Saturday until April. So before I knew what happened I signed up.

It fits several ways- I've been wanting to get out more than I do, and what I mean when I say that is to get out. And except for my training sessions at I-FAST, I've never gone to a gym regularly. So I'm gonna do it and give it a try. It will be way different, that's for sure. If I like it, great. If it sucks, it's only until April.

So for this week I'm returning to a few Warp Speed Fat loss workouts for fun and conditioning.

Way different!

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