Sunday, March 6, 2016

3/5- Chest, cut short

Frustrated to have to stop this workout because it was the first in a gym I'm trying out. I work out at home mostly and have gotten curious about the exercises that equipment I don't own can offer. So I bought a 1 month pass to a local joint to try it out. I got this far-

1) Incline DB press- warm up sets- 10 X 30, 8 X 35, 40, 6 X 45, 4 X 55
65 X 8, 70 X 6...

This was about 3 p.m., then my phone rang and I had to go in to work and didn't finish until after 9. I did a few quick cable crossovers at 50# since that's one of the ones I'm curious about.

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