Saturday, February 6, 2016

Break to regroup

A week off, brought on by a big whompin' cold/flu/allergy. Not fun, but it gave me a good chance to learn and plan for the next training segment here. I've been basically shooting from the hip with the idea of progressive overload on basic compound movements covering the whole body, mixed with hiit cardio and metabolic circuits. Build muscle, burn fat. Bada bing.

I've been working mostly in the 8 rep range since it's a good average for my goals, but after reading some more I'm considering dropping that to a 4-6 range and giving that a try. I still haven't settled on a specific program and may continue to let my own develop as I go, but I would prefer to find one that I can commit to and let it run its course. All I really want is the basics- squat, press, rows and deads with variants, and some accessory work with arms and core. My first goal is fat loss and I feel I should find a program that will go after that as a first focus, but I'd sure like to build a little size also. We'll see what happens. I'm enjoying learning more about it as I go.  

I also have to keep recovery in mind. I'm grateful that it's pretty unusual for me to get sick and while I'm not convinced this was brought on by overtraining it sure could have played a part. Several people at work have also had the same thing and it's just plain going around right now too. Still, I usually avoid this stuff, so going forward I will pay attention to my energy level and respect my limits.

So, I'm looking for a balance between fat loss, building muscle, effective conditioning and sufficient recovery.  I wonder how may trainers have heard that before?? Ha.

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