Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday Feb 1- Mobility day

Today is an off day from training, but I've been very happy with the results of doing extra mobility work lately and got in a couple of sessions today. I've been doing the targeted drills Bill gave me to do, and some from the PT sessions I am still going to, plus some I learned from Brett Jones at the I-FAST KB seminar a couple of weeks ago, plus some I learned from Inside Out and Magnificent Mobility DVDs I got on a visit to I-FAST, and even some beginner entry-level 101 type Yoga moves. It's all very helpful, but the toughest is the yoga.

The result is really pretty amazing. Back in August I went to see Bill Hartman for the first time and my shoulder was in horrible shape, my upper back was also pretty stiff, and my hips weren't much better. Now, a lot of that has changed, and continues to improve. One big point Brett made to the class that specifically hit me hard was stressing the importance of mobility, which he placed in front of training for strength. When I thought about that it made sense. So, I'm staying on the mobility work, and that's just what i did today. Ball and roller work, stretching, drills, some yoga (ugh!), and a long easy walk, and I feel real good.

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