Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday 8/30 Workout B


20 minute brisk walk, then Targeted mobility stretches/exercises.


Lacrosse ball/foam roller work, mobilization warm ups.

Workout B-

Front squat-
Warm up with 3Xbar,65,75

Alternating set-
2a- Inverted row,4X8
2b- Paused push up, 4X10

Alternating set-
3a- Prone I on stability ball, 3X10
3b- Front plank, 2X8,1X10

Time:69 minutes

Notes: Glad I tracked down a lacrosse ball to use in place of the tennis ball. It does a much better job. I'm beginning to get the hang of the ball and roller work and really understand and enjoy it.
Front squat is a new move for me, so I started light and worked on form. I dig me some squatting and am glad to do this as I can't back squat anymore due to shoulder mobility. Did one extra set of 2a,b and 3a,b. Sue me.

The swinging from yesterday is mostly hitting my hams, and a little in lower back and traps also. I expected it to be worse than it is.

Heating pad shoulder stretch 20 minutes a.m & p.m.

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