Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday August 25


20 minute brisk walk, then
4 times through 10 reps each of:

Body weight squats
Push ups
Side planks

Push ups done with one hand about a foot in front of the other, alternate hand position each set.
Side planks held for 30 seconds


Circuit: 6 times through, 10 reps each set. Minimal rest between sets.

BB Clean 135
Weighted Push Up 35 (Wearing backpack with 35# plate)
Step Ups 50 (5 reps each side, with 25# DB)
Inverted Body Weight Rows

Worked up a great sweat. Got interrupted with a phonecall, then resumed and finished.

Shoulder heating pad stretch for 20 minutes a.m. & p.m.

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