Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday August 29- Just a-swangin'...


20 minute brisk walk. Then ran through my targeted stretches/exercises from Bill's program.
The effort doesn't feel like a whole lot in total, but afterward I feel nice and loose, and there is some related light soreness also, so I know they're definitely doing something good.


Tennis ball/foam roller work, mobilization warm ups.

Kettlebell swings. Millions of 'em. As a GPP junkie I couldn't wait to try this one when I saw it on the program.

KB Breathing Ladder
1 swing, 1 breath
2 swings, 2 breaths, etc. up to 20 and back down.

Warmed up with DBs, 5X30,35,40,45, then grabbed my brand new 52# KB and settled in for its inaugural ride. Whee! If the math is right that's 400 swings. I only sneaked in a few extra breaths, and prepared to start the next set as I was taking my last breath from the previous set. I'm pretty bad at keeping count sometimes, but you need to focus on this drill, as a forgotten count can cost you an extra 15, or 16, or whatever number of swings you space out. I'll be very curious to see where the soreness from this settles in. Great workout! 58 minutes from warm up to finish.

A.M. & P.M. heating pad shoulder stretch.

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