Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday August 28- Workout A


20 minute brisk walk, than 4 X 10 of:

Body weight squats
Push ups
Side planks

Push ups are alternating split hand stance, planks held for 30 seconds and alternate side each set.


First workout from the new program. Dang!

Tennis ball/foam roller work, mobilization warm ups.

Alternating Set 1-
1A. Paused DB Split squat
6 reps with 40,50,60#
1B. DB Row
8 reps with 45,45,50#

Alternating Set 2-
2A. Paused RDL
8 reps 115,115#
2B. Scaption (DB 30 degree front raise)
8 reps 5,10#

Side bridges- 2X7 each side, held for 5 seconds each w/1 sec rest between reps.

Overall I felt like I should have done more work, but I will follow the plan as written. (Though I did add a rep to the side planks) Plus I'll be able to up the weights next time through. I've tried DB split squats before but not very enthusiastically. Why do we avoid what is good for us just because it hurts? Absolute focus on form on each rep, with Bill's remembered comments in my ear. Forgot to time it all, which I want to start doing.

Heating pad shoulder stretch a.m. & p.m.

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