Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Rebuild 2.0?

The Dark Age.

I was overweight and had had an ominous physical exam. It made me mad. I took stock of what had gotten me where I was and began learning what to do instead.

The Age Of Enlightenment.

I learned about food and its relation to health, and started weight training and also resumed running. Two years and 70 pounds later, Rebuild 1.0 was complete. Insert several happy and healthy years here. Fitness and nutrition remain a very interesting topic for me and I still am learning about them.

The Deconstruction Age.

Self-taught aggressively heavy weight training is a bad idea. I have the bad shoulder to prove it. Lots of high mileage months on county roads is also a bad idea, at least for my hip. Wavering commitment to solid nutrition- bad idea. Ten-fifteen pounds to go.

Enter Rebuild 2.0.

Getting smarter with age I have finally decided to work with a trainer. I got me a good one too- Bill Hartman, co-owner with Mike Robertson of IFAST in Indianapolis, an hour and a half trek for me. My first visit was for an hour-long assessment which revealed just how bad my shoulder is (When Bill Hartman looks at you and says "It's real bad", you believe him.) along with a few other weaknesses that will all be addressed.

So- here we go...

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